FAQs for Students

Welcome to Nerdy Grads! We want to help students get connected with great professors and become better prepared for grad school. Set up your account for free and search for interesting projects you could be a part of!


How much does it cost to apply on NerdyGrads.com?

Nothing! It’s totally free to register and apply to job openings!


Is there a limit to the number of posts I can apply to?



How is this different from other social media platforms (e.g. LinkedIn)?

Many professors advertise openings for students on various social media platforms, but unless you already have a loose affiliation with that professor, you may not know about it. NerdyGrads.com is designed correct this. This is a centralized platform created specifically to help prospective grad students, like yourself, find funded research projects. Here, you can easily search your field of study for projects that are of interest to you.


Where are applications sent to?

In each job listing that apply to, you will either be directed to submit your application to either (1) an email address or (2) to a specific web page that has more instructions on how to apply. Some professors accept direct emails and others refer you to a website, such as a university career page, to apply. The exact method will be provided in the job listing.


How do I set up my account?

Register your account by clicking here and select the “Student” registration button at the top of the registration box.