FAQs for Professors

Welcome to Nerdy Grads! We want to help students get connected with great professors and become better prepared for grad school. If you are looking for a graduate student, create an account for free and make a post to let everyone know!


How much does it cost to post on NerdyGrads.com?

Nothing! It’s totally free to register and post job openings!


Is there a limit to the number of posts I can make?



Should an individual professor create a profile here or should a department/institution create a profile?

Either! Or both! We strongly encourage anyone and everyone to create a profile to ensure student positions are widely advertised.


How is this different from other social media platforms (e.g. LinkedIn)?

Many professors advertise openings for students on various social media platforms, but unless a prospective student already has a loose affiliation with that professor, the student likely won’t know about it. NerdyGrads.com is designed correct this. This is a centralized platform created specifically to help prospective grad students find funded research projects. Here, students can easily search their field of study for projects that are of interest to them.


Who can contact me?

Your contact information (phone number & email) are private. You will only receive automated emails from us, and messages from prospective students will be directed through our email system. If you wish to respond to a student message, the student email address will be disclosed to you and you can email the student directly outside of our system. Any social media accounts that you link to in your profile will be visible to students, so use any professional accounts that you have rather than private accounts.


Who can apply to my jobs?

Anyone registered with a student account can apply.


Where are applications sent to?

In each job listing that you create, you have the choice to have students submit applications to (1) your email (or someone else’s email), or (2) to a specific web page that you provide.


How do I set up my account?

Register your account by clicking here and select the “Professor” registration button at the top of the registration box. Below is a quick glance to familiarize yourself with this site.



Here you’ll find any notifications since your last visit, including new applicants.


Company Profile

Fill out your profile. You can make your profile private or public. We encourage you to make it public so students can access your profile to find out more about what you do!


Post a New Job

Now to post your job openings! Fill out the title and description. Be sure to list your application requirements (e.g. CV/Resume, letters of recommendation, cover letter, etc.) in the description.

Application Deadline (optional): You may select a deadline for when the post expires, or leave this blank and it will expire in the default number of days.

Field(s) of Study: Select up to 5 related fields of study you want the student to have knowledge in.

Student or Post-Doc: Select whether you are looking for a Masters or Doctoral student, or a Post-Doc.

Job Apply Type: Select whether you want the student to apply via email to you or someone else, or direct them to a web page. Then enter the email address or URL in the adjoining field.

Salary (optional): You may enter pay frequency, and a wage range or a minimum/maximum wage

Address/Location: Be sure to put in the location!

Then, click “Post Job” when you are done to let everyone know you are looking for a new student!


Manage Jobs

Here you’ll find all of your job listings. You can view, edit, delete, and duplicate job listings using the buttons on the right. You can also close a job listing once the job has been filled; just click on the “Fill Job” checkbox.


All Applicants

Find all who have applied to your job. Click on “External URL Applicants” or “Applied with Email” to find statistics on the number of people interested in working with you.


Packages & Transactions

These sections are currently inactive and should appear blank.


My Emails

Here you will have a log of emails sent to you from NerdyGrads.



Students can follow your profile to keep up with your research.


Change Password

Go here to change your password and activate security questions.


Other Questions? Ask us!