Nerdy Grads

Welcome to Nerdy Grads!

We are a centralized website that allows professors from around the world to post open graduate/undergrad student and post-doc positions so that you can reach more candidates. And you can do so for FREE!

Our goal is to develop this site into an easy-to-use site for all undergrad and grad students from around the world to find and connect with potential advisors/supervisors without spending hours scouring for professors on the Internet. Many professors post openings on LinkedIn, Twitter, or other websites that have difficulty in reaching their target audience. This site aims to fill that need by being an easily navigable website that professors can post student and post-doc positions to easily be found by those candidates.

Lots of updates will be in store for this website in the future, but we hope that you will find it useful!


The Nerdy Grads Team

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